A COVID-19 Health and Safety Training Solution

What we do

Developed with a team of leading medical and legal advisors, C19 Certified provides assurance that your workforce is trained and tested in the latest COVID-19 risks and protocols.

C19-Certified was formed as a direct response to help organizations respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Our core product is an e-learning program designed to train employees on the guidelines and best practices to mitigate coronavirus related risk in the workplace. We offer a standard course but specialize in working with our customers to customize a course specific to their needs. We've continued to evolve into a full service solution to help businesses reopen.

Our Process

Educate, Test, Pledge, Certify, Demonstrate


An online interactive course educating employees on the nature of COVID-19, the risks posed, and the best practices to mitigate risk when returning to work.


An assessment verifying employees understand and absorb the C19 Certified safety content.


Employees certify their understanding of the risks posed by COVID-19 and pledge their commitment to adhere to the C19 Certified safety recommendations to the best of their abilities. 


Provides proof that your employees and company are certified for business in the current COVID-19 environment. 


We provide you with the materials you need to demonstrate to the world that you've invested in workplace safety.


Let our staff customize a program for you


Prepare today, get to work tomorrow

More Services

Policy Development

Do you need help developing your Company’s COVID-19 response policy? Are you unsure what to present to your insurance agents? We can help. Work with the C19 Certified team to develop a comprehensive response plan demonstrating your commitment to safety. 


Email: Info@C19-Certified.com

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